Brahman’s brand aims to restore balance to everyday space we live in. The creators of the brand choose classical, clear forms and natural materials. The ideals of the brand and the world of its aesthetical values are centered around a concept of Five Elements: stone, wood, leather, glass and metal. The theme derives from the Far East Philosophy and eternal search for harmony and absolute.
The spiritual idea became embodied due to Brahman’s creative director Wojciech Łanecki and experienced stonemasons, carvers, carpenters, furriers, glaziers and locksmiths, who gave the collection its final shape.


Material: Stone

Stone is an eternal symbol of certainty and stability. At the ancient times stone was used to build monumental temples, royal palaces and sarcophaguses so that the construction would inspire admiration, ensure security and endure for ages. The portraits of the most important figures were forged in stone as well. In the world of Brahman’s Home the stone means stability and concentration.

For Brahman’s Home collection we used the marble of Carrara. This white building material with silver and cream smudges is famous on all continents. Marble has been extracted in the Carrara province of Tuscany since the time of the Etruscans. However, today the extraction is reduced to minimum in order to preserve local fauna and flora and keep the sources of water for the inhabitants of Tuscany. Some distributors extract rocks that imitate the marble of Carrara, but the real art and timeless architecture lovers will always recognize characteristic colour and texture of original blocks.


Material: Steel, Gold

In Far East cultures metal is a status symbol for man. It demonstrates strength, wealth and power. In other cultures precious metals symbolize development of civilization and human exchange. In the world of Brahman’s Home metal means strength and wealth.

In der Kollektion der Marke Brahman’s Home wurde veredelter Stahl und hochwertige Edelmetalle wie 24-karätiges Gold, Messing und Bronze verwendet. Aus diesem Grund zeichnen sich Elemente der Möbel und Accessoires durch eine zeitlose Eleganz aus.

Gold is a real eye-catcher, which captivates the viewer. It was known to all great civilizations and appreciated more than anything. Jewellery, cups and masks made of this precious metal were discovered in Egypt, Persia or Mexico. Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and value and was used as an attribute of power, both secular and religious.

Precious steel that is a base for metal elements is refined in the galvanization process. During a  complex process, enriching metals are blended into surface. In order to ensure high quality of components and finishing, craftsmen who work for Brahman’s Home „implant” gold in the internal metal structure through chemical processes.  Thus, there is no risk of hips or scratches. The use of galvanic coat does not only protect from corrosion, but also allows to obtain impeccable aesthetic values. Metal prepared this way keeps the polish and original colour for long years..


Material: Wood

The beauty of wood lies in its natural form. Every year of life is marked in unique patterns of oaks. The wood is associated with warmth, but also with security and stability. It delights with the texture of bark, fresh smell of resin and wriggling meanders of oaks. In the world of Brahman’s wood means perservance and resistance.

In Brahman’s collection we used the wood of American walnut, obtained in Canada. American walnut, also called black walnut is considered one of the most resistant species of wood. This is why it was used by the U.S. army to make gun and rifle flasks. This kind of wood can only be obtained in a few U.S. states and in the South of Canada. Carpenters and builders use it mainly to build floors and furniture. After cutting, the wood of American walnut becomes darker, nearly black. It is important to note that this kind of wood is resistant to humidity, temperature variations, it also has a lower shrinkage factor than ordinary species of wood.


Material: Leather

Leather – another of the Five Elements of Brahman’s Home brand – refers to  fire. According to Far Eastern philosophers fire is a symbol of Energy and a force that is both destructive and healing. In the world of Brahman’s Home fire means passion and joy.

Upholstered furniture by Brahman’s brand is made of high quality leather produced in the Netherlands, a country famous for the best tanning and furriery traditions. In our collection we use Hermes leather, characterized by such features as endurance, resistance, but also fragile texture and precious finishing. The material treatment is performed manually with the use of natural impregnates. Experienced tanners make the leather look older with a special technique that accentuates the texture but doesn’t affect the material. After impregnation and treatment Hermes leather is resistant to water and sun action. They don’t tear, the surface is free from scratches. The material is both resistant and soft to touch.


Material: Glass

Glass has two faces. On one hand it’s transparent, it ensures full exposure, it takes away mystery from objects and it provides a clear picture of reality. On the other hand it creates almost invisible barrier from everyday world. It creates illusion of isolation and it provides security. In the world of Brahman’s Home the glass means freedom and imagination.

Furniture and elements of interior design from the Brahman’s collection are made of toughened glass type Diamond. The material is machined only in Polish smelters and the sand from Baltic Sea is used in production. Diamond glass is entirely discoloured, it’s characterised by a high coefficient of transparency, it’s resistant to crushing and scratching. Due to a very low iron oxide content glass is fully transparent and ensures high light transmission. What is more, glass surface doesn’t tarnish and keeps the colour for long years.